Sunday, December 6, 2015

Planted fruit trees

I planted about 20 fruit trees in the yard over the past couple weeks. The post hole digger makes it very easy to do. I just dig a hole put a little peat moss little bit of compost put the tree in little more compost cover it up with cardboard newspaper and mulch.

Installed East doors

I finally got around to building and installing the East doors. I came up with a better locking system for the doors. I'm using a gate latch with a cable through the door so you can unlock it from the inside. I made sure that the the plastic covering I was using to cover the doors completely covered the hinges as well. This insulates the greenhouse much better than having gaps. The temperature outside was about 45 degrees and as you can see from the thermometer it's about 75 inside the greenhouse. I checked it this morning and the ambient temperature was about 40 outside the greenhouse and about 45 inside the greenhouse. I am definitely going to need some sort of heating system to make this work.

Compost bin

Constructed a compost bin out of the skids that the greenhouse was shipped on. I had to put chicken wire all around it to keep the dogs and the critters out.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Installed doors on west side

I had constructed and painted the two doors for the west side last weekend. I finally got around to installing them this weekend. after installing them I put plastic on the outside of the doors. This plastic is the same plastic that the end walls have and it is extremely tough. It will work out nicely for these doors. I installed handles also. I will need to get another lock as the one installed is way too small.

Installed exhaust fans

Used forklift to install exhaust fans on Saturday. 48 inch exhaust fans were actually 54 inches. I had to rework the space I had constructed for the exhaust fans. This was a lot of extra work that I really didn't want to do. But it is done now.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Installed the end panel fabric

Spent time this weekend putting the end panel fabric on the green house. It rained on Saturday so I didn't get a whole lot done on Saturday. So today I finished up the East End and finished the west end right before the Sun down. So I just had to staple the fabric on.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Installed the side stays

Strung up a poly rope through some eye bolts to keep the side walls from flapping in the breeze when they are lowered.  I still have to install some channel and wiggle wire to hold the wall in place during the winter months.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Installed roll up sides

Diane and I installed the roll up sides during 20 MPH wind gusts.  It was supposed to be a calm day.  We managed to get it done though.  I also installed the door frames.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Installed first layer of 6 mil plastic on greenhouse

Pulled 6 mil plastic over the top frame of the greenhouse with 6 ropes. Tied ropes to plastic around balled up newspaper and went up and down length of greenhouse tying off each after I pulled up two or three feet. It was a perfect day when we started putting the plastic on but right as we were putting the wiggle wire on, the wind kicked up and ripped the plastic. We had to pull it very tight to get the ripped plastic out of the area where the roof is.

After seven hours we got the plastic on tight and it looks good. We decided to put the second layer of plastic on next fall since we will not be growing with aquaponics this winter.  We may set up raised beds with their own hoops and try spinach pac choy and cabbage.  That will get us one more year of life out of the roof.